***** If you experience crashes after updating to 1.1, you can delete the App and re-install it again. (The app is free to download after you have purchased it.) *****

SoundYeah is an iPad app to record sounds in a 4x4 slot matrix and play them back with various effects, including scratching, changing playback speed etc.....


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‧ click any empty slot to record
‧ record using the built-in mic
‧ record using the headset
‧ record using the custom cable*
‧ record from the sound played
‧ use the "in vol" slider to control the line-in volume, use this to avoid the feedback noise.

Play (switch to control mode by the bottom left button):
‧ tap to play once
‧ two finger click to loop
‧ three finger click to stop
‧ wind clockwise to play forward (scratching!!!)
‧ wind anti-clockwise to play backward
‧ drag out to loop in custom speed

Control (switch to play mode by the bottom left button):
‧ drag the circle to adjust the play region (can drag both end simultaneously)
‧ tap to play once
‧ two finger click to loop
‧ three finger click to stop

‧ vol slider - control volume
‧ speed slider - activate loop and set speed
‧ beat slider - activate beat and set beat

‧ copy - copy the data in the play region.The empty slot will display "paste", the system will go back to normal in 5 seconds
‧ all - reset the playback region
‧ trim - trim the clip inside the playback region, and release memory.
  *** The volume setting will be applied to the trimmed clip, using this trick can increase the volume infinitely
‧ del - delete a slot (without further warning)
‧ the settings will be remained when you change from edit mode to playmode

‧ Sound Yeah stores 120 seconds of 32bit floating point data, at 44100 Hz.
‧ Sound and slider setting saved automatically when turn off.

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USD 4.99

Custom Cable
A splitter cable to separate the mic/line-in and speaker connector. See here for the pin-assignment.
If you are not intended to make one, you can buy a ready-made cable here.