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Nike came to us with an idea of "Gender Race" – a running competition between men and women. They wanted to compare the accumulated running distances and time between men and women, while promoting their Nike+ devices and mobile app. In Hong Kong, most people run alone at different locations, during different times of the day. Our aim is not only to compare the running statistics between the genders, but to also create a platform for runners to compare their own running statistics against each other.

The MvsW website animates and visualizes running data in 6 aspects – Total Distance, Total Time, Farthest Run, Longest Run, Average Pace, and Fastest 1K.
The Experience

To join the campaign, users choose which gender to contribute for and connect their existing Nike+ account to the MvsW website. By connecting their Facebook accounts, users will also be able to compete against their friends who have joined the MvsW campaign.

Users can then head out to run with their Nike+ device, and come back to log into the site and see their running statistics synchronized, visualized, and animated. The running data for each user are contributed to their gender, and are accumulated under their personal record profile in the MvsW website.

Users can select top runners, running coaches, celebrities, or their friends to compete against, and have the competition visualized and animated on the website. Running statistics are accumulative so users are encouraged to go out and run more frequently, then come back to the website again to watch themselves outrun their competitors.

Running data are synchronized automatically, so no matter where and no matter when they run, they can always contribute to the race through their Nike+ devices or mobile app.
Our Execution

There are 6 attributes to compare, based on the data we retrieve from the Nike+.  We used two fundamental forms to develop the visualization – bars for distances, and circles for time. At first, the visualization resembles a race between the runners when comparing the accumulated distances. For other attributes, the bars and circles act as more of a performance meter, tracking each aspect of the sets of running data.

The Result

Attracted over 2000 participants within 2 months, covering total distances of over 92,000KM by men and over 25,000KM by women. The men spent over 9,500 hours running to achieve such great distances, where the women spent over 3,200 hours on their achievement.

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